Supplemental Life insurance is extra coverage you can purchase through your employer or through an organization. This can extend coverage to a child or spouse, and cover additional things.

Life insurance provides coverage to your beneficiaries for most causes of death such as natural and accidental causes, suicide, and homicide.

First, you have to decide how much coverage you need so that you can pick an insurance policy type. After doing some research and having requested some quotes, you need to fill out an application. You also may have to get a medical exam. Once you are approved you are good to go!

Cash Value is a savings component of your life insurance policy. It can allow you to grow your savings amount with interest over time.

Annuities help protect you from outliving your income. The amount that you choose to contribute gets converted into periodic payments that can last you for life.

Term premiums are more affordable if you only need coverage for a short time, such as while you raise a child. But if you need permanent coverage that lasts your entire life, whole life insurance is a much better option.

It is the responsibility of a Omega Investments agent to determine a person’s eligibility for a policy based on their needs and assess whether or not they are qualified for one.

Yes Life insurance can be denied if the applicant fails to disclose the information needed to accurately disclose the risk of a policy payout.

Yes, life insurance is worth getting to help prevent your family from going through a drastic change in living situations when you pass away.

There are many reasons why life insurance is so important because if the worst were to happen, it would protect your family from suffering a devastating financial loss.

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