Denis Doulgeropoulos

Your Financial Professional & Insurance Agent

Personal Insurance

Working Together

As a Omega Investments Agent, I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all policies. Rather, I will devise a strategy based on your needs and objectives.

How do we begin?

Let’s talk: It all starts with a simple conversation. Let’s meet at your convenience, maybe over coffee, and see if working together makes sense.

Be open and honest: I will do my best to anticipate your needs, but will never assume anything. Therefore, it’s crucial to be as candid as possible when talking about your goals.

Ask lots of questions: Feel free. My goal is to make sure you understand every recommendation I make, so I love to answer questions.

You make the decisions: It’s a team effort, but it’s always clear who’s in charge. I will analyze your needs, review your coverage, and provide you with all the information, but the decision is entirely yours.