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Life Insurance Policies

As the population’s awareness of the importance of life insurance policies grows, the density of life insurance policies is rising at a certain pace. Everyone knows that accidents or mishaps can happen at any given time, so it’s better to be prepared than not. A life insurance policy can help stabilize the family’s financial security as a result, therefore, a life insurance policy is a very good idea.

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What We Offer: Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies

We at Denis Doulgeropoulos – Omega Investments offer different life insurance plans.

  • Term Life Insurance 


Term life insurance policies have a set expiration date when the policy prices will remain the same during the level term period. It is possible to continue the plan after the specific period has ended, but the rates will increase every year after that. Usually, coverage lengths during the first five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, and thirty years are the most common. Purchasing a term life insurance policy is the most cost-effective way to ensure your family has life insurance coverage since you are not paying for the cash value of the policy. 


  • Whole Life Insurance 


If you were to buy a whole life insurance policy, you would have it covered for the rest of your life, or until you died. As a part of your premium payment, an account within your policy generates cash value over time by utilizing a portion of your payment and enhancing interest. By having a life insurance policy, you will be able to ensure that the premiums will never increase, the death benefit will never decrease, and the cash value will achieve an established rate of return. 

  • Universal Life Insurance


Since there are several types of universal life insurance, and each has its own set of benefits, it can be difficult to understand it. Since the universal life insurance policy does not provide the same guarantees as whole life insurance, it can be less expensive.

  • Variable Life Insurance


Variable life insurance provides long-term protection with a monetary value. The policyholder can select which sub-accounts to invest in, and the amount of growth in the cash value account is determined by those verdicts. The sub-accounts performance can also cause you to lose money.


  • Mortgage Life Insurance 


Mortgage life insurance is solely intended to pay the remaining balance on a mortgage. This policy is quite different from other insurance policies because the death benefit is disbursed to the mortgage lender rather than a beneficiary. In addition, the payout is the amount of the mortgage, or a portion of it if you only insured a part of it.


  • Credit Life Insurance 


This insurance covers a specific loan. Credit life insurance can be offered when you take out a loan. Typically, the payments can be rolled into your loan installments. Credit life insurance covers the debt balance, which is paid to the lender rather than your family.


  • Group Life Insurance 


It is not uncommon for employers to include group life insurance as part of the package of benefits they provide to their employees. The premium for group life is calculated as a whole rather than individually for each employee. Basic life insurance coverage is usually provided by the employer free of charge. As long as you need additional protection, you can purchase an additional life insurance policy if you want to do so. 

Why Having A Denis Doulgeropoulos – Omega Investments Insurance Plan Is Beneficial

  • Long-term financial objective 

By purchasing a life insurance policy from our agency, you will be able to build significant financial security for your long-term financial goals.


  • Ensure the bright future of your family

Even if you are no longer able to be there for your family, our life insurance plans are designed to ensure that your spouse and children have the best possible future from a financial standpoint.


  • Liabilities and loans

Our term plan is always something you should consider getting if you have taken out a loan. Essentially, this will ensure that your family will not be burdened with the burden of your loans when you are gone. 


  • Education planning for the child

We have various child education plans to assist you in saving and accumulating funds for your child’s future educational needs. These policies include life insurance, which ensures that the child receives the money promised even if the policyholder dies suddenly.


  • Leave an inheritance that is tax-free.

You can leave a tax-free inheritance for your loved ones since our life insurance policy payouts are tax-free.


  • Prepare for retirement

Our life insurance policies assist you in saving and investing for your retirement so that you can live comfortably once you retire.

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