Costa Mesa is a beautiful city with many parks and recreational areas. It’s a great place for families with children and is very safe.

Located near the Orange County Fairgrounds and Orange Coast College, Tewinkle Park offers a number of amenities. The park includes a skateboard park, Angels Playground for kids, and a duck pond. Read on for some ideas.

What to Expect

Costa Mesa is a beautiful city with plenty of things to see and do. Its parks and beaches are perfect for relaxing, and its restaurants and shops are worth visiting. It’s also a good place for families, as there are many family-friendly attractions.

A must-see attraction is the Diego Sepulveda Adobe, which serves as a reminder of local history. It’s one of the most important mission-style buildings in the area, and it features historic furnishings and decor.

Another popular attraction is the Isamu Noguchi sculpture garden, which was commissioned by philanthropist Henry Segerstrom. This unique garden features a variety of sculptural elements that are representative of California. There are also free audio tours available for visitors to learn more about the artworks.


This large park has a playground, large picnic areas, and a duck pond. It also features jogging trails and is a popular place for kite-flying events.

It’s adorned with names of the generous individuals and groups who contributed to its creation. This park is located across from Lions Park, and it’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with the family.

County Supervisor Katrina Foley recently earmarked funds to create a cafe on the Lions Park campus and expand amenities at TeWinkle Park. Her allocations will also help the city improve the Donald Dungan Library, Norma Hertzog Community Center, and a skate park on the west side of the city. The parks are well-maintained and provide a variety of amenities for families and children.


Costa Mesa is a great city for families, offering a variety of family-friendly activities. Several parks are located throughout the city, including TeWinkle Park, which features a lake and several sports fields. In addition, the park has a dog park and a skate park.

Its spacious layout makes it ideal for picnics, as well as a large duck pond and fountains. Visitors can feed the wild ducks here but should be careful not to touch or disturb them.

There are many parking options available in Costa Mesa, from residential driveways to commercial garages. However, it is important to choose a location that offers protection from the sun and rain. Also, choose a spot that is close to your home or business. This will save you time and money. Discover more exciting places here.

Dogs allowed

The dog park is a great place for pets to get off the leash and explore. However, be sure to bring your own poop bags and clean up after your pet. This ensures that the area stays beautiful for other visitors.

The large dog park is over two acres, and there’s a small dog area as well. Both areas have grass, trees, water fountains, benches, and trash receptacles. The dog park is well-maintained by the city of Costa Mesa, but it’s also maintained by volunteers and pet owners alike.

Many travelers choose to stay in a pet-friendly hotel because they’re easier to travel with. This type of hotel is typically more accommodating to dogs, and many even offer amenities specifically for them. For example, Main Street Village apartments in Costa Mesa have their own dog park for their residents!


Costa Mesa is known as a city of the arts, but it also celebrates nature, agriculture, and history. Its museums and attractions showcase different eras of California, including the Diego Sepulveda Adobe, the second oldest structure in the county.

The park also has areas for horseback riding and kite flying, plus a large playground area, an amphitheater, tennis courts, softball fields, and a lake and waterfall. It’s a great place for families to spend the day.

For those seeking a more thrilling activity, Lyon Air Museum has an amazing collection of planes of all sizes. For those looking for a healthy and low-impact workout, Rock Climbing is the perfect option. It helps build strength and endurance in a fun way. You can even sign up for lessons and competitions. Next article.


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