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Whole Life Insurance Loans

If you need cash quickly, borrowing against your life insurance policy could be the perfect solution. It can provide quick access to cash without taking up valuable real estate space in your portfolio.

This type of loan is simple to get and doesn’t require credit checks or income verification.

Money will be available within a few business days and can be used however you choose. No repayment obligation exists with this loan; surrender the policy at any time to clear away your outstanding balance and interest charges.


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No Credit Checks

Life insurance policy loans offer many advantages over loans from banks or credit cards, including no credit check requirement and faster funding as they use your life insurance contract as collateral.

As with bank loans, an insurance company will charge interest on the loan amount borrowed. Fees may be fixed or variable and have caps; typically they correspond with how much your policy earns each year in interest earnings.

Default on loan interest payments will increase your outstanding balance and, if it exceeds your cash value, your policy could lapse and leave you without coverage. Furthermore, depending on tax codes in effect at that time, income taxes could apply; so before taking out a life insurance loan it is advisable to consult both financial and tax professionals prior to doing so.

Whole Life Insurance Versus Term Life Insurance Information & FAQs

No Collateral

Borrowing against your life insurance policy typically doesn’t require a credit check or income requirements, and loans can usually be approved quickly — with minimal paperwork needed to verify your identity.

Borrowing against your whole or universal life policy is an attractive solution when you require cash quickly, particularly if you cannot qualify for personal loans and don’t wish to pledge other assets as collateral. Since interest charges will apply and may exceed the cash value of your policy, it is crucial that you repay its full amount as quickly as possible.

Keep track of your loan balance easily by accessing your life insurance company’s online portal or requesting an in-force illustration, which shows your cash value and amount borrowed. Before considering taking out a policy loan, consult a financial planner in order to ensure this strategy will best meet your needs.

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No Taxes

Whole life policies are tax-exempt and any loans taken out against them qualify for tax-free interest repayment if paid back on time with interest, making this an attractive alternative to incurring credit card debt or paying exorbitant rates of interest on personal loans.

Without proper oversight, however, your policy could end up costing you taxes. Any loans not repaid within their terms will incur an annual interest rate (fixed or variable), which will then be capitalized and added back into the loan amount outstanding. If this exceeds either death benefit or cash value thresholds then the policy could lapse and you or beneficiaries could face potential taxes on unrepaid amounts owed.

No Renewal Fees

Policy loans do not count as cash withdrawals and do not have the same detrimental effect on your credit as personal loans do. However, should your outstanding loan balance plus interest surpass your policy’s cash value threshold, your coverage could lapse and income taxes would apply on any unrepaid amount owed by you.

Life insurance loans can provide an easy and fast way to access funds when needed most quickly. But their use must be managed carefully to prevent it from undermining its purpose or leading to unexpectedly large income tax bills.

Whole life policies with cash value borrowing options have become incredibly popular for various purposes, from business planning (buy-sell arrangements) and accumulation funds for retirement or estate planning needs, to loaning against your policy when emergencies arise.