If you’re looking for a green oasis in a city blanketed in concrete, head to Yorba Regional Park. This linear day-use park covers over 140 acres and has four lakes and paved trails.

Kids can release their energy on six playgrounds. Sports-minded family members can flex their muscles on the softball fields or test their strength on the fitness course. Check this out!


Picnicking is a popular activity at Yorba Regional Park, and there are plenty of family picnic areas. It’s a good idea to bring a blanket and pack utensils in a cooler.

This mile-wide linear park adjacent to the Santa Ana River opened in 1976 as an official Orange County bicentennial project steeped in history. The park includes more than 400 picnic tables, four lakes with connecting streams, bike trails (including the nationally recognized Santa Ana River Trail that stretches 20 miles to the Pacific Ocean), and playgrounds.

Groups with 30 or more people must have a permit to picnic in the park. Permits can be obtained from the Visitor Center.


Four lakes and streams provide a peaceful aquatic setting for families to cast their lines and sail model boats. The lakes are often stocked with catchable trout and catfish, making this one of Orange County’s best urban fishing spots.

The park also offers a 1.4-mile loop trail for casual biking, an equestrian trail, and scenic lake views. Other trails lead to the 5K Run course, the natural garden, and several playgrounds.

Over 400 picnic tables and 200 barbecues dot the landscape, with shady areas and seven group shelters available for reserved groups. Families can also play games on the volleyball courts, compete in a game of horseshoes, or take a stroll around the ponds and forests.


This linear park is over a mile long with four lakes and connecting streams, along with paved bike trails, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, two ball diamonds, and a physical fitness course. It also has more than 400 picnic tables and barbecue grills for family and group gatherings.

There are six playgrounds to explore here including toddler-friendly ones. There are forest areas with lots of trees fairly close together – it feels like the middle of a nature hike except for the hum of the 91 freeway nearby.

Bicycle and surrey cart rentals are available from Wheel Fun Rentals near Lot D and Picnic Shelter 1. Swan boats are also available for rent. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.


Yorba Regional Park offers several biking trails safe and tucked away from vehicle traffic. You can also rent bikes here from Wheel Fun Rentals.

When I biked here, it felt like I was in the middle of a forest (except for the hum of the 91 freeway). The paths are lined with shade trees and it’s great for toddlers on strollers to get some exercise while still being close to mom and dad.

With 400 picnic tables, barbecue grills, and six playgrounds, this park is a family-friendly oasis. Bring some halal snacks from one of the many halal restaurants around Anaheim to make your picnic extra special!

Equestrian Trails

A linear day-use park over a mile long, this park is a peaceful retreat with shady areas and amenities galore. Enjoy casual biking opportunities, a riverside equestrian trail, and beautiful water features at this scenic park.

Four lakes with connecting streams provide a pleasing aquatic environment and a chance to practice model boat sailing or refine your fishing skills (fishing license required). Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash at all times.

Easily navigated bike trails are great for families, novices, and casual riders. Visit the Wheel Fun Rentals shack by the lake restrooms for a variety of bicycles and pedal boats to rent by the hour.


A linear day-use park over one mile long and 140 acres, this official Orange County bicentennial project opened in 1976. More than 400 picnic tables and 200 barbecues are situated throughout the park along with four lakes and connecting streams that invite fishing (a license is required for ages 16 and over) and model boat sailing.

Bike trails crisscross the park and connect to the nationally recognized Santa Ana River Trail leading some 20 miles to the Pacific Ocean. Also, two ball diamonds, volleyball courts, and a physical fitness course are available within the park. Read next.


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