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HOT TOPIC: Is the Russia-Ukraine War a Threat to the Global Economy?

Learn about the potential effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on global markets, including supply disruptions, higher prices, and slower growth.

Flood Insurance: Be Prepared for Rising Waters and Changing Rates

Read about a new flood risk-rating system that can help homeowners determine actual risk and set more reasonable insurance premiums.


If You Don’t Have a Will, You Probably Should

Have you written a will? This article explains why you should.

When Buying Is Easy, Paying Later Can Be a Problem

Online shoppers may find it tempting to spread out their payments, but they should think twice before committing to installment payments.


HOT TOPIC: Help Wanted: Why Can’t Businesses Find Enough Workers?

In this article, the U.S. workforce is discussed, as well as what a shifting labor market might mean for workers, employers, inflation, and economic growth.

Preparing for Libor to Leave the Building

The London Interbank Offered Rate influences borrowing costs around the world. Learn why financial institutions want a more reliable benchmark.

Did You Know Medicaid May Pay You as a Family Caregiver?

Taking care of a family member can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. However, Medicaid may provide financial relief in some cases.


HOT TOPIC: The Fed Pivots to Fight Inflation

In this article, we examine the Fed’s monetary policy shift and the potential consequences for consumers, investors, and the economy.

Your Social Security Statement: What’s in It for You?

In this article, we explain some of the key elements of a personalized Social Security statement.


HOT TOPIC: Supply-Chain Chaos: Holiday Edition

Investigate current economic conditions and retail trends, including sharply higher prices and the potential for sporadic product delays and shortages.

Should You Speed Up Your Retirement Plans?

Some Americans filed for Social Security earlier than planned due to the pandemic. See four factors to consider before retiring early.

Balancing Medicare and Work-Based Insurance

There are certain rules and considerations that workers who are eligible for both Medicare and employer-based health insurance must take into account.

Is Your Business Eligible for the Research and Development Tax Credit?

Entrepreneurs who spend money developing new products or improving existing products or trade processes may be eligible for the federal R&D tax credit.

Catalytic Converter Thefts Are on the Rise: Here’s Why

Explore why thieves target catalytic converters and how comprehensive auto insurance can provide some financial protection.


Net Price Calculators Help Gauge College Affordability

Did you know a net price calculator can help measure a college’s true cost? Discover how it provides an estimate of how much grant aid a student might expect.

Is a High-Deductible Health Plan Right for You?

What distinguishes HDHPs from preferred provider organizations (PPOs)? Learn about some key differences between the plans.


HOT TOPIC: Social Security’s Uncertain Future: What You Should Know

Demographic trends are causing Social Security’s financial outlook to dim and proposals are discussed to address the looming shortfall.

Four Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance Needs

We examine major life events and the need to review your life insurance coverage in light of changing circumstances in this article.

Credit Scores Reach Record High

The article discusses the components that affect your credit score and provides tips to maintain a high score or raise a low score.


Signs of a Scam…and How to Resist It

Learn four common practices that might help you identify and avoid scams.

Child Tax Credit for 2021: Will You Get More?

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provides substantial, temporary improvements to the child tax credit.

Following the Inflation Debate

The debate over how long the price increase in 2021 will last is fuelled by the measures economists and policymakers use to monitor inflation.

What a Relief! Congress Acts Against Surprise Medical Bills

What is the No Surprises Act? As of 2022, it will protect consumers from large, unexpected medical bills. Find out more.


HOT TOPIC: Antitrust Crackdown Aims to Increase Competition

Analyze the effects of an executive order to curb excessive consolidation of industry on consumers, small businesses, and investors.

Don’t Let Debt Derail Your Retirement

An article discusses why it’s important to analyze and address debt before retirement and why older Americans have high debt levels.

Crisis Averted? Financial Help for Struggling Renters and Landlords

Get information about programs that provide direct housing assistance to eligible renters and landlords.


HOT TOPIC: Hostage Data: Ransomware and Protecting Your Digital Information

This article provides an overview of high-profile ransomware attacks and offers tips to help consumers protect their own data.

Considerations When Making Gifts to Children

This article provides an overview of tax provisions and other issues to consider when making significant gifts to children or grandchildren.

Bankruptcy Changes Throw a Lifeline to Sinking Small Businesses

Many requirements that made it difficult and expensive for small businesses to reorganize using Chapter 11 have been loosened. Learn more.


HOT TOPIC: Shortages and Bottlenecks Expose Weak Links in U.S. Supply Chains

As a consumer, have you noticed any shortages? Here are some of the reasons behind supply-chain problems and how they might impact the economy.

New Changes to College Financial Aid and Education Tax Benefits

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, contained several provisions affecting financial aid and education. Find out more.

Is the Medicare Donut Hole Really Closed?

The following article explains the four stages of Part D prescription drug coverage and how prices can vary in the coverage gap.

Your Business: New Rules for Writing Off Restaurant Meals

The December 2020 stimulus bill allows businesses to deduct the full cost of restaurant meals in tax years 2021 and 2022. Learn more.


Social Security Spousal Benefits

The article discusses spousal benefits, which can make a big difference in funding a couple’s retirement.

Your Business: Minimum-Wage Laws in the Spotlight

As more states increase the minimum wage, small businesses may start to feel the impact. Check out this article for coping tips.